Monday, November 5, 2018

The Century Project for Seattle Space Needle

Shantel Harris -
S e a t t l e ,   U S A - 

Seattle Space Needle
Olson Kundig Design Principal Alan Maskin has led the Century Project, a historic renovation of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle.

Maskin’s design is, in all ways, about expanding views. Removing walls, barriers and floors and replacing them with structural glass created a dramatically updated visitor experience.

With 196% more glass than before, Maskin’s new design gives the Space Needle’s annual 1.3 million visitors a physical and emotional experience defined by awe-inspiring views of Puget Sound, the city of Seattle and the Space Needle itself.

Space Needle glass floor
Olson Kundig’s transformation of the landmark tower is focused on revealing the ingenuity of the original structure, parts of which, including the mechanics of the revolving floor, will be made visible for the first time. Improving the visitor experience was a primary design directive, with the revolving glass restaurant floor being a key component. This new transparent floor will provide a 360-degree rotating window that guests can walk on, revealing a new view down the Needle’s steel superstructure to the Seattle Center campus below.


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