Sunday, November 25, 2018

Australia's Palaszczuk Queensland Government Hides Behind Wall of Lies

Avi Cohen - op-ed -
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The Health Minister Steven Miles
All the reasons given by the Health Minister for changing the name of the Lady Cilento Hospital have been proven to be baseless.

The poll used to push the Queensland government's agenda has been exposed as a rort and a fabrication. The public debate has moved beyond the name change to questions about corruption and collusion in the Government and democratic process.

The Lady Cilento Children's Hospital business names were cancelled on January 18th this year, six months before the Queensland Government's public consultation even started. The Government said the names lapsed but ASIC documents reveal this was wrong and indicates that it was a premeditated campaign to change the name. A Nobel laureate said this week the claims that the Lady Cilento hospital name were not international and would hinder research grants was just not true.

More than 84% of Queenslanders polled by the Courier Mail this week and 85% of the Nurses Professional Association of Queensland independently polled overwhelmingly support keeping the Lady Cilento name and spending the money on services within the hospital where they are most needed, healing sick children. The NPAQ has also put the Lady Cilento business names in a trust so they can be used when her name is reinstated on the hospital.

The Health Minister, Steven Miles is there to represent the people of Queensland, not the small cabal of doctors - led by key agitator Dr Ben Whitehead - that he keeps citing, who happen to be his ideological bedfellows.

Mr Miles was originally presented with less than 250 signatures signed only by hospital staff union members, not the thousand doctors he now claims. Like the Queensland Health poll, the so-called petition of hospital staff by Whitehead is a complete fabrication. Senior doctors at the Lady Cilento Children's hospital told the Brisbane Times on Wednesday that they had never seen the petition and were “vehemently" against the name change.

The Minister and this small group of medicos belong to the same card-carrying Labor union club who do not want to work in a hospital named after a great Australian woman medical pioneer – they have openly stated this on multiple occasions.

The Public Lady Cilento Children's Hospital
The Cilento family are standing up to defend Lady Cilento’s name and the honour bestowed upon her by having the premier children’s public hospital of Queensland named after her. They are standing up for the people of Queensland who do not want money wasted serving the interests of politicians and doctors who are bent on pushing their political own agenda at all costs.

The doctors who have run this gutter campaign to smear Lady Cilento's name and push their agenda through are a disgrace to the medical profession and should have their licenses suspended immediately by the Australian Medical Association Queensland. The Health Minister is their representative and he has done nothing but lie and prevaricate and defend them.

Channel Nine confronted the Minister with a recording of him admitting to the doctors' smear campaign on Tuesday after he had categorically denied it and lied on camera, saying it was the Cilento's who had not told the truth. Miles' slanderous comments about the Cilento family could end up with him being sued for defamation along with the LNP's referral of him to the Crime and Corruption Commission on Friday.

The majority of Queenslanders want to keep the Lady Cilento hospital name, not serve the interests of corrupt politicians and doctors who have already proven themselves to be dishonourable and unethical. Instead of backing her lying Health Minister and his cohorts, the Premier needs to stand up and do the right thing - sack Mr Miles and reinstate the hospital as the Lady Cilento.


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